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About Black Peach

Hello, I'm Sam and I run Black Peach!

Black Peach is a solo, trans owned and operated company based in Melbourne, Australia. I've been creating luxury handmade costumes and accessories since 2015.


I have been providing cosplayers, performers, kinksters, entertainers, furries, and anyone that loves alternative wear from all around the world the chance to buy unique pieces.


My products are designed thoughtfully and carefully hand crafted with love and attention to detail. I love spending time creating these products and I take pride in making my items knowing they'll go to a good home.

I'm a trans man working towards my top surgery goals.
Selling my pieces online and at events is helping me save up to cover surgery costs. Support your local LGBTQ+ cuties! 


Thanks to running Black Peach I've been able to work and connect with other members of the LGBTQ+ community by attending events, chatting online, sharing inspiration and supporting another.

I work full time in construction and enjoy working outdoors with my hands, but I still love sitting at the sewing machine and creating new designs!


Sam x

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