Why is there nothing in your shop?

It probably means I have an expo coming up soon, I remove items from the store while at expos to avoid double selling. If there's no event coming up, I might have just sold everything.


Do you attend expos and conventions?

I sure do! I try to make it to any expo/convention/market that I think may be suitable.

You can keep track of my planned events on my EVENTS page.

These are events I've secured a table for and sure to attend.
You may find me at these types of expos and conventions:

  • Fetish

  • Anime

  • Furry

  • Alternative Fashion

  • Pop Culture


What's the processing time?

The processing time is currently 2-4 business days for items in the shop and 3-6 weeks for commissions. I have other professional commitments so I may not be able to make it to the post office every week day. This time frame allows me the time to get to the post office and make customs well, avoiding rush jobs. 


Do you take commissions?
Yes, at times I do! You can see the items I take commissions for on the PRICE GUIDE page.
There is a big notice at the top of the page letting you know if commissions are OPEN or CLOSED.

If you're interested in getting something custom made, you can email me with an inquiry when commissions are OPEN.

I'm considering a commission, but I don't know what you can make!
Have a look through my GALLERY to see some examples of previous work I've created.
If in doubt, send an email. I will typically reply yes/no to general "can you make something like this" emails even if commissions are closed - I will not provide a quote though!

If commissions ARE open and you send an email about a possible commission, I have plenty of reference images of fur, fabric, decorative extras, relevant past works I can send your way to help you decide on your design.

How do I go about getting a commission?

Refer to the ORDER PROCESS page. Please read it thoroughly!

Can I leave a review?
Yes! I've just added this feature to the website. You can leave a review on the REVIEWS page.

Why do you charge so much/little?

Everything in the store has been handmade by me. My prices are based on the time, materials, and designing that has gone into the product. I'm aware that similar artists charge the same or higher prices. My prices will be slightly raised in 2020 to reflect the improved quality since prices were last set. 


I've spent countless hours over the years designing unique templates and patterns, figuring out how to best construct a product, heaps of trial and error, finding local suppliers and building a large collection of raw materials to make products with. For this same reason I do not answer questions about how I make products, please do not ask.

Do you take on promotors?
While I don't have set promotors, I'm open to collaborations. Please email me with your ideas.

I messaged you on Instagram, why haven't you replied?

My Instagram DM's are closed! They're incredibly hard to sort through, take a lot of time to answer, and most of the time the questions asked can be found here on my FAQ page. I rarely look at my DM's so please don't expect a reply there. I ask that you contact me via email only. I also have other professional commitments so it may take a few days to reply to emails.

How much will shipping cost?
Shipping can vary on what type of product you order. Shipping costs are based off weight and size.

This is a guide of the minimum shipping costs you should expect to pay:

  • Australia flat rate $10AUD (free on orders over $200)

  • New Zealand $20AUD

  • USA + Canada + China $24AUD

  • UK + Ireland + Spain $29AUD

  • Rest of World $36AUD

*These prices are subject to change

To calculate your exact shipping cost, please place all your desired items into your cart and go to 'check out'. You will be able to select your country and see exactly what the shipping cost will be.


How long will shipping take?

Based on information from the Australia Post website: 

  • 2-6 business days within Australia.

  • 3-10 business days for the rest of the world.

*Some countries may have a longer shipping time due to customs, being somewhere remote, etc.

Do you ship to my country?

I ship all around the world!