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Care Guide

Collars & Cuffs & Leashes

Sometimes sweat of makeup can make your collar dirty.
To wash your collar, fill a bowl or sink with lukewarm water and using a mild detergent gently work the material. For the furry lining, scrub lightly with a soft toothbrush. Rinse if off thoroughly with water and hang to dry out of direct sunlight. Do not blow dry or apply heat! Once your collar is dry you can brush the furry lining again with a dry soft toothbrush to make it nice and fuzzy again. Avoid over cleaning or over brushing your collars.



Tails & Ears & Hoods & Hand Paws

Most of the time your furry items just need a good brush and shake to freshen up and appear fluffy again. Use a soft bristle brush or comb to remove debris and smooth out the fur.

Do not force knots out! You will risk damaging your furry item. Lightly brush in the direction of the fur until the fur detangles. Hold tails upside down by both ends and shake to fluff it up. In the case your ears or tail gets dirty and needs to be washed, run a washcloth under warm water and wipe the section of fur that is dirty, outwards from the base. You may need to use a little mild detergent for tougher stains. Once your can't see the dirty spot, rinse out the washcloth and wipe the section again. Lay on a towel or hang to dry out of direct sunlight. Do not blow dry or apply heat! When your fluffy item is dry, give the section a light brush. Be especially careful when cleaning airbrushed ears or tails as the colour may fade slightly from cleaning.



Store your items in a cool, dry place. This prevent faux fur from sweating or becoming frizzy. To prevent fading, matting or discolouration, store out of direct sunlight. Be especially careful when storing ears, do not lay anything on top of your ears to avoid altering the shape. Avoid sealed boxes or plastic bags as it's best to let the materials breath.

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