Order process for commissions

Step 1
You see commissions are open by the notice at the top of the PRICE GUIDE page or via social media.
You know and accept that you will need to pay for your custom within 1-2 weeks of receiving a quote.
You know and accept the process time for creating commissions is 3-6 weeks after payment is made.


Step 2
You send me an email with a detailed description of the custom product you want, and attach any reference images and sketches you have. Ask me any questions about extras or shipping as well.

Step 3
You will get a reply email with a quote, answers to any questions, as well as any additional questions I may need to ask to reach a final quote.

Step 4
You either agree to go ahead with the custom or decide not to go ahead - no hard feelings!

Step 5
If you have agreed to go ahead with the custom, I will create a listing for you, and send you the link to it. 
You will need to purchase this listing within 1-2 weeks of receiving the link.
Once you have purchased your listing I will start creating your custom!

Step 6
Your custom is mailed to you - hooray!

I will usually post progress pictures, videos, and behind the scenes stuff on my Instagram stories.
Peak at your custom by following me there and keep an eye out for my stories, or turn on story notifications.